About Us

What services we can provide?

Buying Experience:

We have a standardized approach to the Buying Process. We educate our clients to ensure they understand the process by removing the stress, thus making the experience seamless and nothing short of Excellent:


  1. The Lawyer Involvement
  2. The Required Deposit
  3. The Building Inspection
  4. Financial Pre-Approval
  5. Buyer’s Representation

1st Time Home Buyers: First time home buyers are the most exciting people to work with in our opinion. Our Group gets super excited in going thru this experience with them as they feel as if they are purchasing their home. We handhold you thru the buying process.


There are different types of investment products in real estate ranging from High Equity to Cash Flow Positive products. Is pre-construction the best option or would a resale product be the more reasonable choice? Is a Condo a good investment or would a freehold home bring a better ROI? Should I purchase in a Metropolitan city or look towards nearby Suburbs? What are the growth rates in a particular area? There are also a number of different strategies that need to be discussed whether it be assignment prior to completion or a long term hold approach. Our greatest success is tailoring investments in synergy with our clients appetite for risk and ultimately enhancing our clients’ real estate portfolio.

Seller’s Experience:

We are straight forward in our approach to Selling your Home. We focus on bringing the largest value in your pocket, rather than flashy gimmicks to get you to work with our Group. We focus on the Seller’s Six and get your home SOLD.

  1. Why a specific REALTOR®?
  2. Why a specific company?
  3. What is the REALTOR® going to do to get the maximum price for their house?
  4. What’s happening in the Real Estate market?
  5. What’s my home worth?

How are we different from others?

We spend the time to listen to what our clients highlight as most important when looking to buy, sell or invest in the real estate market. We do not believe that one product fits all types of buyer/investor clients. Also, we do not use the same strategy for each seller’s listing. Our client-centered customized approach to real estate is what separates us from the competitor right from the Get Go. There is only one direction to real estate and that is at the TOP with TOPP REALTY GROUP

Our Culture

The Topp Realty Group is a Home where everyone is treated with the respect & integrity that they desire. Our staff, colleagues and partners are all liked minded individuals who will facilitate you in making possibly the biggest decision of your lives. The Fun Based approach to working in real estate mixed with a positive attitude and underlying passion exemplifies why our realtors always generate positive results.