Puja Uppal

[email protected]

Office: 905-550-9090

Puja means “prayer” or "offering" in Hindi and this describes her exact nature. She is an amazing person who has dedicated more than 15 years to the home health care industry in Ontario. Her kind approach and compassion make her a standout in the real estate world and the Uppal Group is lucky to have her as a sales representative. Puja really enjoys working with newcomers, first-time home buyers, and is heavily involved in pre-construction projects. She still gets excited in the process as if she is purchasing each home for herself. She takes pride in her work and results are always guaranteed when you work with Puja.

Puja Uppal is a great choice as a realtor because she takes immediate charge at searching for the best possible options and outcomes for her clients. She is ideal for today's competitive real estate market! She may get lost or go to the wrong house, but she is fully dedicated to ensuring that her clients are on UP top of the list whether it is resale or pre-construction projects. Puja has proudly joined the UPPAL Group because she resonates with their vision and common synergy.